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Lines from unwritten teenage love songs.

Bat (single edit), by Woodsy Friends


This song is about a bat saving the day. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. No guest stars here. Just Lauren, Lucas, BC’s music magic, and good ol’ fashioned American elbow grease. Plus the bat. Never forget the bats that inspired this song. Apparently they are not as blind in real life as we’ve portrayed them. Blame Hollyweird!


You were at the picnic sucking everyone’s blood 
I was sleeping upside down in my cave but I heard you buzzing 
You looked so delicious, TONIGHT, I’ll get you with my sonar 

Screaming around at night, hunting for pests like you 
I’m getting revenge for all the itchy people 
I’m blind; I’m blind; I’m so blind, but I’ve got a special power 
You were so delicious, TONIGHT, I got you with my sonar.
Music by Woodsy Friends who are Lauren Gregg and Lucas John Jensen.


Lauren Gregg: vocals, synths, art
Lucas John Jensen: vocals, synths, “drums” 
BC Fortenberry: engineering, mixing

So I’m in this kids band called Woodsy Friends, and this is a newish jam of ours about a bat. Feel free to test market on actual children and report your results back to us for analysis.


My name is Lucas, and I write this thing, and I can’t remember if I ever talked here before. Anyway, I hope that someone sometime somewhere enjoyed this blog of mine. It never really took off, but that’s okay. I’m a white hipster-type person. We make blogs. It’s what we do. But seriously this was fun for a long time, but I think I’m getting repetitive. I don’t really know what to do now, but I never really did anything with. Should I start taking submissions? Anybody want to draw versions of these?

Somebody say something! What should I do next?

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